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Welcome To Safaris Rwanda; Best Rwanda Gorilla Trekking & Wildlife Tours in Rwanda (Luxury & Budget) 2022-2023

Go on the Best Rwanda Gorilla Trek Tours at Volcanoes National Park for Gorilla Trekking and Wildlife Safaris at Akagera National park in Rwanda. Book with us for the Best holiday tours for all travelers

Safaris Rwanda offers budget Gorilla Trekking Trips and Tours at Virunga Volcano National Park and Cyamudongo forest. Chimpanzee Trekking and other Primates are also carried out in both Nyungwe national Park and Cyamudongo Forest. Book your Trips with us for the best tours  in Rwanda.

Safaris Rwanda – Gorilla Tours, Wildlife Tours & Cultural Adventures in Rwanda

Safaris Rwanda offers world-class wildlife trips viewing experiences! From mountain gorilla tours in Rwanda to unique cultural experiences, Rwanda offers unrivalled wildlife experiences.

On our website, you will find scheduled Trips to Rwanda and custom tour packages. From Day Excursions to long adventure trips in Rwanda, we have trips that suit your needs and interests.

Maximize your Rwanda travel choices and book your trip today! If you do not find exactly what you are looking for we are happy to customize any itinerary to meet your specific needs. Let us help you plan your Rwanda vacation experience and create memories that will last forever!

Best Rwanda Gorilla Trekking Tours

Best Rwanda Gorilla Safari Packages

Safaris Rwanda offers many categories of safaris and tours around Rwanda. Those include Historical safaris (genocide memorial safaris), cultural integrations safaris, Honeymoon trips n Rwanda, wildlife safaris and many others. Our safaris are affordable for everyone starting from luxury safaris to Budget safaris

Best Rwanda Gorilla Trekking Tours

4 Days mountain gorilla adventure safari

4 days mountain gorilla adventures Rwanda. book your trip and have the best gorilla experience and other primates in Rwanda.

Best Rwanda Gorilla Trekking Tours

5 Days wildlife expeditions safari Rwanda

5 days wildlife expedition Rwanda offers a glance at Rwanda's wildlife in Akagera national park with animals such as giraffes,

Best Rwanda Gorilla Trekking Tours

5 Days primates safari in Rwanda

5 days primate safari Rwanda offers experience with primates like golden monkeys, baboons, chimpanzees and other primates in volcanoes national Park Rwanda

Best Rwanda Gorilla Trekking Tours

6 Days cultural safari Rwanda

6 Days cultural safari Rwanda exploring the Rwanda culture and values, a visit to the Batwa community in Ruhengeri province in northern area of Rwanda.

Why Choose Safaris Rwanda!

Why you should visit Rwanda.

Rwanda is a small country with a lot of history and cultures. Rwanda is one of the fastest developing countries in East Africa. With its Fast development its security is also at its best. Rwanda’s wildlife is mostly covered by Gorillas, having over 15 gorilla families and for the other animals Rwanda are only found in the Akagera National park the only park of its kind in the country. 

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Best Rwanda Gorilla & Wildlife Safaris

Best Rwanda Gorilla Trekking Tours

7 Days Wildlife & Primates Expedition Safari Rwanda

This Safari offers Rwanda's only wildlife and the big 5 national park Akagera National Park and the volcanoes National Park for the primates and gorillas.

Best Rwanda Gorilla Trekking Tours

12 Days National Parks in Rwanda Safari

This safari offers a Glance at the country’s key tourism national parks attractions in Rwanda such as Parc des Volcans for Gorilla tracking, Akagera National Park and other parks

Best Rwanda Gorilla Trekking Tours

7 Days Best of Rwanda Gorilla Safari in Rwanda

This safari offers a glance at Rwanda's most tourism attractions like Genocide memorial grounds, gorilla families (Rwanda has more than 15 gorilla families), the city tour, culture and wildlife.

Best Rwanda Gorilla Trekking Tours

9 Days Classic Tour in Rwanda

This safari offers a glance at the country's culture (the Tutsi, Twa and Hutu cultures) , the history of the country, Rwanda's wildlife and the trip through the Kigali city tour and its development.

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